The Alter of Tea
时间:2018-01-01 11:38

Tea is an integral part of life for many people. As such, it deserves a sacred space at home where it can be prepared and enjoyed. That’s the idea behind Lotus.

Of course, the set includes an elegant pot and cups for serving, however, it also features an ornate desk dedicated to storing or displaying your tea set. The beautiful lotus flower grill located on the surface of the top serves as a drainage area where you can dispense tea leaves when you’re finished.

As for the ceramics, the pot features 3 interchangeable, artistic toppers that denote the type of tea and are an extension of oriental tea culture. The first is a lotus for healthy, stable mind. The second is pomegranate for fertility and solidarity. The third is heavenly water, considered sacred and pure. Tea leaves can also be stored in the removable handle that doubles as a container. Simply snap off, dispense your desired leaves, place the corresponding topper to steep, and enjoy.

Designers: JuYoung Kim & Chang Choi

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