A tea stove for refined tastes
时间:2017-12-28 6:32

The one singular detail on the upper surface of Hill is also the prettiest detail on the product. This induction based tea-stove comes made in wood, looking absolutely divine, but what’s more divine is the knob on the left that controls the appliance. Designed to look so aesthetic that one forgets its ergonomic requirements, the knob’s organic surface almost resembles a boiling liquid, tying back to the induction cooker’s purpose.

Designed to look less appliance-like and more like a beautiful vinyl player that you’d show off on your kitchen countertop. It comes with a rather soothing brown walnut-y finish, a black induction surface, a stylized exhaust grill on one side, and the gold rotary knob that sits on the Hill’s chest, almost like a medal!

Designer: Keny Lin

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